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The platform for Green Digital

IIZI creates Green Apps with one code in Java.

It is a unified platform built on Eclipse IDE to simplify app creation by targeting all devices and exploiting native mobile capabilities. The new technology provided by IIZI mixes solid and sustainable Java code with mobile technologies to design and build web-oriented enterprise applications.

The IIZI Platform is the smart and quick way to make cross-platform applications, for small businesses to enterprises – it offers the best of traditional enterprise IT and emerging rapid IT.

Built on Eclipse IDE

Understanding IIZI

Watch the video to get a better understanding of how IIZI works.

For Mobiles and Tablets

There are two apps specific for Android and iOS:

  • iiziRun Developer

    Used during development of UI designs to test on devices in real-time as well as running an app without having to publish it on the stores. It also contains several mobile-native functions for you to try-out, such as Barcode Scanner, Biometric Authentication, access or open Native Device Settings.

  • iiziRun Custom

    Used to define one app to launch just as if you had published it on the Stores yourself (App Store and Google Play). The definition of the app is done once only and the next time you start iiziRun Custom, the app is just launched, no questions asked.