Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

All Eclipse shortcuts for managing files and folders, managing Editor windows and navigating within Editors are maintained in the iiziGo framework.

It is recommended to use Ctrl + Shift + S, Save All, as you make major changes to your Panels, Text tables and virtualspace entities. This will enable iiziGo to update the many references needed to maintain live connections between your source code, Panels and virtualspace.

Common Java code editor shortcuts

All code hinting and Java code editing shortcuts are available in iiziGo.

Ctrl + Shift + SSave All
Ctrl + DDelete Line
Ctrl + LGo to Line
Ctrl + Shift + TOpen Type
Ctrl + Shift + ROpen Resource

Up and Down arrow keys to navigate any tree view or list;

Forward arrow key for expanding tree items;

Ctrl or Shift + Click for multiple selection.

Ctrl + 3 to hide-show text filter and search fields.

Double-click the main Tab Bar at top of Panel Editor to expand or collapse it in the workspace.

Common Design keyboard shortcuts

With a component selected you may do any of the following:

Alt + Ctrl + Left arrow to cycle through fill, center, alignment, etc.

With a property selected you may do any of the following:

Up and Down arrow keys to toggle between attributes

Up and Down arrow keys to increase or decrease numerical values

Keyboard shortcuts unique to iiziGo

Some of the keyboard shortcuts unique to the iiziGo plugin are written for you in the menu dropdown for each tool.