Customization of selectors in Java

Customization of selectors in Java

When IIZI doesn’t provide a predefined function that is suitable, you can write Java code to return a boolean.

To do so, create a class implementing the interface com.iizix.api.ISelectorExpression. If you click on the editor link create a new Java class, a wizard will help you to create the class.

Example expression:

{ Java: "myapp.MySelector" }

Sample of such a Java Expression:

import com.iizix.prop.EnvProps;
import com.iizix.prop.ISelectorExpression;
import com.iizix.server.gyro.AppSessionGyro;
import com.iizix.server.gyro.ClientSessionGyro;

public class MySelector implements ISelectorExpression {

  public boolean isSelected (EnvProps envProps) {
    AppSessionGyro appGyro = AppSessionGyro.getSessionInstance();
    ClientSessionGyro clientGyro = ClientSessionGyro.getSessionInstance();
    return false;

From the envProps, you can reach mostly everything. These environment properties come from the end-user device. You can also grab an instance of the AppSessionGyro or ClientSessionGyro as shown above to access e.g. client or application states for more advanced expressions